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School safety will be an absolute priority if I am elected to the NC House of Representatives. As a current school board member for Wayne County Public Schools, I am intensely involved with the safety and security of our schools. As a parent of a school-aged child, I have a profound concern for the safety of not only my child but all of the children that attend school on a daily basis. Lastly, as the husband of an elementary school principal, I cannot emphasize enough my commitment to ensuring that all of our schools are safe.

I will support the building of new schools through a statewide bond referendum that will enhance local efforts to construct new schools and increase teacher pay. Currently, there are efforts underway within the General Assembly to address these concerns in the form of HB-866 and S-542 bonds for school capital and HB-333 local sales tax flexibility for education. I would support each of these bills along with the restoration and recovery of currently withheld lottery funds to be disbursed at the rate of 40% as originally intended. Additionally, my experience as a local school board member has provided me with insight regarding the ABC model vs the Growth model in determining a school’s level of proficiency. I would support greater emphasis being placed upon the growth model in determining the success of a school, based primarily upon the fact that all students do not start at the same point; therefore, measuring a student’s growth during specified periods is a much better indicator of education than comparing students against one another.


Having served the State of North Carolina as a statewide planner for the NC Department of Transportation, I have intimate knowledge of the needs and the inner workings of how transportation projects are developed and approved. There are numerous transportation-related issues that if properly addressed, can have a tremendous impact on our state.

“Access”, is a term that has numerous connotations; however, when it comes to transportation, one could envision access to jobs, access to education, access to health care, access to social services, access for the elderly, and access to leisure opportunities, just to name a few. Each of these areas and many more are increasingly important to the viability of the State of North Carolina.

Economic Development / JOBS

If you elect me as your Representative in the General Assembly, I will work tirelessly to recruit businesses and industry and encourage them to consider the State of North Carolina.

Wayne and Sampson Counties are preferred destinations due the low cost of living, the availability of land, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, and the emphasis on Career Technical Education (CTE) in our schools. According to the Association for Career and Technical Education, 80 % of high school students taking both CTE and college prep courses meet college and career readiness goals, versus 63% who only take college prep courses only. The report also states that CTE associate degree graduates from community colleges out-earn bachelor degree holders by approximately $11,000.

With the recent announcement by the White House that it will implement tariffs on foreign imports, I will especially place emphasis on protecting the farmers in the State of North Carolina from retaliation from these foreign entities through joining forces with other legislators in the general assembly in an effort to encourage common sense decisions that will not result in creating costly damage to North Carolinas agriculture industry.


Meet Raymond Smith

Raymond E. Smith is a native of Wayne County and a product of the public school system. A graduate of Goldsboro High School, where he was a three-sport athlete and member of the student government. From there, he matriculated to N.C. A & T State University as a student-athlete. Soon after, he began his first foray into public service, as a member of the United States Army, He served this country proudly as a combat veteran in the Gulf War. After a successful tour of duty in the United States Army, he returned to N.C. A&T State University and completed his bachelor’s degree. But service was still a mainstay in his mind and plans; so, he began a career in Education as a middle school social studies teacher and a high school football coach. He counts this time as one the most rewarding experiences of his life, because of the impact a teacher has on students.

This commitment to service and education is a part of Raymond’s upbringing and his legacy. His father, Raymond E. Smith Sr., was a United States Marine. After an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps., he began a career with the Civil Service which lasted 35 years until his retirement. He served the community on numerous boards and served as the National President of the largest High School Alumni Association in the United States. His mother, Thelma F. Smith, was a lifelong educator. She was a classroom teacher for 30 years and decided to continue her education and became a guidance counselor for a total 38 years in education. Upon her retirement, she successfully campaigned to become a member of the Wayne County Board of Education and served the community as a School Board member for 18 years of public service. They both lived their entire lives giving back to the community, and they both passed away while still serving.

Upon earning a master’s degree in Public Administration from N.C. Central University, he embarked upon a career in the transportation industry. As a statewide planner for the NC Department of Transportation, he was afforded the privilege of working with all 100 counties within the State of North Carolina regarding their transportation planning efforts. His career in public transportation administration culminated with becoming the first Executive Director of the Goldsboro / Wayne Transportation Authority, which continues to be a thriving and successful public transit system serving all of Wayne County. Ultimately, his commitment to public service led him back into the field of education. A life-long learner, he is in the final stages of writing and submitting his Doctoral Dissertation at Fayetteville State University. Still wanting to be an integral part of the lives of young people and education, he is employed with Shaw University.

Raymond is also a family man, he and his wife Cortrina T. Smith, also an educator have five children: a son, Christopher, who is serving proudly in the United States Army and is stationed in South Korea; two daughters, Tracy and Ashley, both in college at N.C. A&T State University; and two sons at home, Myles and Maxwell, a third grader and a toddler.



*Military Veteran

o United States Army

o Combat Veteran

* Law Enforcement

o Military Policeman

o Correctional Officer

o Probation Parole Officer

* Education

o Classroom Teacher

* Middle School

* Community College

o Administration

* College Campus Site Coordinator

* Transportation

o Administration

* NCDOT Statewide Planner

* Human Service Paratransit Director

* Public Transit System Operations Director

* School Bus Transportation Director

* Economic Development / Jobs

o Assisted in the development and implementation of long and short-range economic development transportation planning efforts of 2/3 of the counties in the state of NC

o Provided employment opportunities to hundreds of individuals in my various leadership roles

o Provided access to employment opportunities for thousands of individuals through the transportation services provided



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